8mm Gold or Silver Dome Gunmetal Tungsten Ring

$89.65 $52.46

This ring is 8mm wide and is made of high-quality tungsten carbide. This wedding band has a dome-shaped ring profile and sits very nicely on the finger. The ring is manufactured with a comfort fit, so it will not pinch your skin. This is a head-turning wedding band in highly sought after gunmetal. Tungsten, an extremely durable, metal that is hypoallergenic, scratch-resistant, and never needs polishing.

This gunmetal band is stunning and beautifully crafted. The ring is finished with a polished finish which reflects light in all directions, giving it an overall beautiful shine. The band has an excellent fit, making it comfortable to wear all day long. This gunmetal band is lightweight and durable.

This gunmetal wedding band is a classic piece of jewelry that will never go out of style. Perfect for the bold man who wants to make a statement. This ring is a stunning piece of jewelry that will stand the test of time.

Men's 8mm Ring Size

US 13.5, US 6.0, US 6.5, US 7.0, US 7.5, US 8.0, US 8.5, US 9.0, US 9.5, US 10.0, US 10.5, US 11.0, US 11.5, US 12.0, US 12.5, US 13.0, US 14.0


Gold, Silver