Tungsten rings in religious designs are one of the most sought after varieties among our customers. This is because these rings are designed with various religious symbols; they represent cultures from around the world. Essentially, there is a religious tungsten ring for every occasion and celebration.

Our Christian tungsten rings have the lords prayer etched into the surface of the ring, with a cross design in the center of the ring. This is a good example of our variety of tungsten religious designs.

Tungsten rings that represent different religious symbols are also available. Examples include Jewish Star of David, the Christian cross and Buddhist texts, among others.

Tungsten rings are very durable. They are scratch-resistant, and they retain their shine for a very long time under normal wear conditions.

Tungsten is frequently used in industrial settings because of its durability. It is also used in jewelry making because it is one of the toughest metals that can be found on earth.

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