6mm Silver Multi Faceted Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band

$63.20 $32.96

A modern, on-trend and luxurious 6mm men’s silver tungsten ring design that will take pride of place on many fingers!  The best design in our collection of contemporary and classic tungsten wedding rings, this ring has a lovely flat silver faceted finish. The band design itself has several steps and angles on the outside which give it depth and a lovely 3D effect.

This striking ring is just the thing for him: contemporary, stylish, on-trend and made from strong tungsten carbide.

Unlike metals such as gold, which are soft, tungsten carbide hardens when cold. This means the ring will not bend or break and are much more scratch-resistant than gold or silver.

Men's 6mm Ring Size

US 6.0, US 7.0, US 8.0, US 9.0, US 10.0, US 11.0