Grooved Tungsten Rings

Grooved Tungsten Rings are perfect for those who want a Wedding Band that is different from the rest. They are flashy, yet subtle at the same time. These rings offer a new take on the classic wedding band, because of their unique lines and curves. The grooved lines make them seem shinier and give a new outlook for the ring.

They can be worn with any outfit, and are perfect for any occasion. These bands are comfortable to wear because of their unique comfort fit design. These rings come in a variety of designs and colors to suit your own personal style. They are durable and scratch-resistant because they are made with 100% Tungsten Carbide.

These grooved bands are perfect for any man who doesn’t want to go with the norm, but wants something that is different from everyone else. They are durable, comfortable and perfect for an everyday wear ring.

In the world of Tungsten rings we offer only high-quality Tungsten carbide rings and all our grooved rings are made of the finest tungsten by artisan jewelers. We source only from a certified dealer who supplies 100% pure Tungsten carbide and not Nickel or Cobalt-based alloys.

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