4mm Men’s Rhombic Cut Blue Tungsten Wedding Band

$58.00 $43.00

This men’s tungsten 4mm blue rhombic wedding band is a great option for your man to wear on those special occasions. With a contemporary style and a blue hue, this ring will be perfect for his daily wear as well. This ring features the latest in comfort, unyielding scratch resistance, and durability.

With a brushed center and a highly polished blue rhombic finish, this ring stands out, without a doubt. A very classy look that will suit him for the wedding and all future adventures he goes on.

This men’s tungsten wedding band is a great option for those who love blue. This is a beautiful hue of blue that looks great, but also matches with many other colors easily. This ring is perfect for wearing alone or with another ring or two.

Tungsten Rings are a great alternative to more expensive precious metal rings. Tungsten is extremely durable and scratch proof, making this the perfect ring choice for people with active lifestyles.

Women's 4mm Ring Size

US 12.5, US 6.0, US 6.5, US 7.0, US 7.5, US 8.0, US 8.5, US 9.0, US 9.5, US 10.0, US 10.5, US 11.0, US 11.5, US 12.0


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