Can Tungsten Rings be Cut Off in an Emergency?

One of the most common apprehensions people have about tungsten is tungsten rings’ removal. While tungsten is one of the hardest materials out there, tungsten rings are in no way indestructible. Unlike other metals like gold and titanium, which bend under pressure, tungsten rings simply break and shatter.

Can tungsten rings be cut off in an emergency? The answer is yes. Tungsten rings can be removed in an emergency, and most hospitals and medical facilities have the tools that can cut and crack tungsten jewellery. By cracking the ring and weakening its tensile strength, the tungsten ring can easily be removed from your finger and relieve the pressure.

The most common method of removing a tungsten ring is by using vice grips. These apply pressure that can fracture the tungsten ring, a process that is actually faster and easier (and less scary) than it sounds.

To remove the tungsten ring, using the vice grips or locking pliers, once you have the vice grip wrench, close the wrench and adjust its jaw so that it clamps down on the ring. 

Next, release the grip and turn the screw in the handle to tighten the vice grip slightly. Then, clamp down on the ring again. The vice grip will apply more pressure to the ring, which causes it to crack. If the ring does not crack, release the vice grip wrench and tighten the screw again. Try to clamp down on the ring again. Keep repeating this step until the ring fractures.

Once the ring is cracked, refrain from sliding the ring up and down your finger. Instead, if your ring has a precious metal inlay, then have this inlay cut away. This process should take more or less 30 seconds. 

It is also a good idea to keep the large pieces of the ring so you can send them back to your retailer if they offer a lifetime guarantee.