Are Tungsten Rings Durable?

More than a quick trend, tungsten rings are proving to be a worthy investment in terms of quality and practicality. However, do tungsten rings last?

Presented as an alternative to traditional rings made of precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum, tungsten rings are one of the top choices for wedding bands. Not only do they look fashionable, they are also a lot more affordable than traditional rings. 

But the most outstanding quality of tungsten rings is probably its hardness and toughness. Made from an alloy of tungsten and carbon atoms, tungsten carbide is one of the hardest substances on earth. This means that a tungsten ring is scratch-resistant and will not get easily damaged. From the point of view of a jewellery-wearer, a tungsten ring will not require a lot of maintenance and will hold their shape without bending.

This answers the questions on whether tungsten rings are durable or not. Because tungsten rings are so tough, they are resistant to scratching, fading, discolouring, and tarnishing. Tungsten carbide will not oxidise, too, which means it will not corrode or rust, even if you expose it to moisture and even in harsh environments.

In other words, tungsten rings just might be the most durable option on the market today. While it is not true that tungsten rings are indestructible, it will take more than a simple fall or impact to damage it. You can expect your tungsten ring to last you a long, long time. 

The only problem you can possibly have with a tungsten ring is its inability to be resized. Due to its extreme toughness, it is just not possible to have the ring adjusted once your ring size changes. In this case, it is helpful to buy a tungsten ring from a trusted retailer or manufacturer that offers a lifetime resizing warranty. 

Traditional rings may be higher in value in terms of price, but in terms of quality, practicality, and durability, tungsten rings emerge as the clear winner.