Are Tungsten Rings Safe to Wear?

Is tungsten jewellery safe to wear? Or are tungsten rings dangerous? Questions like these, as well as myths, arise because of the popularity of tungsten rings. But before we delve into answering these questions, let’s first talk about what tungsten rings are.

Made from chemical compound tungsten and carbon atoms, tungsten carbide is a popular metal for jewellery. Tungsten rings are growing as a popular choice for rings and jewellery because of their hardness and scratch-resistant properties. 

Tungsten rings safety: Are tungsten rings toxic?

There is not much known about tungsten poisoning, aside from exposure through artillery and poisoning due to ingestion. The only known risk with tungsten toxicity is ingesting it or inhaling it in its powdered form. 

There is no evidence that you can get tungsten poisoning from wearing a tungsten ring. However, if you are allergic to metals like nickel and cobalt, wearing a tungsten ring that contains these additional metals may trigger allergic symptoms. It is best to consult with your retailer about the composition of the tungsten ring you are planning to buy.

Is tungsten safe to handle during emergencies?

One of the most popular myths about tungsten rings is that it cannot be removed in case of emergency. In reality, tungsten rings can be removed in emergency situations. Hospitals and emergency responders can use vice grips that can cut through any tungsten ring. 

In fact, many experts say that tungsten rings are safer to wear because they break or shatter under great amounts of pressure, while other metals like gold simply bend around the finger.

Can I wear a tungsten ring during physical activities?

As with any other metal, there is always a risk when wearing jewellery while doing physical activities. Because of its hardness, a tungsten ring may not get damaged during strenuous activities, but it may cause injury. 

Do tungsten rings cause joint pain?

The only time a tungsten ring can cause joint pain is if it gets stuck on your finger, which may happen if your ring size has changed. This will cause you pain and discomfort, and it is recommended that you stop wearing the ring or have it exchanged for a new one.

Is tungsten MRI-safe?

Tungsten is biocompatible and is compatible with both x-ray and MRI. Tungsten has a low magnetic susceptibility index, and may only affect the images produced by the x-ray or MRI if the jewellery is worn close to the imaging region.

Is tungsten harmful to health?

Tungsten rings do not make you sick nor pose any health risk to the wearer. Again, the only way you can get sick from tungsten is if you ingest it or inhale it in its powdered form, which does not happen when wearing tungsten jewellery.

The risks of resizing tungsten jewellery

As mentioned above, possibly the only physical risk there is when wearing a tungsten ring is joint pain that may occur when the ring no longer fits your finger. Unfortunately, tungsten is very hard and impossible to resize. 

Fortunately, if you buy your ring from a reputable retailer that offers a lifetime resizing guarantee, you can return your old ring and they will give you a new ring that fits your new ring size.

In summary, tungsten rings are quickly becoming one of the most popular choices for jewellery for good reason. They are durable and scratch-resistant, and they are a lot more affordable than traditional choices. They don’t put you at risk for any health or physical risk, and they are very safe to handle in emergency situations.