Do Tungsten Rings Tarnish?

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With a density similar to metals like gold and platinum, tungsten is ideal for jewellery production, which makes tungsten rings a great and more affordable alternative to traditional ones. Aside from their affordability, tungsten rings can also boast of good qualities such as hardness, durability, and scratch-resistance. Tungsten rings are, indeed, a great investment.

Do tungsten rings fade and tarnish?

Aside from the great qualities mentioned above, another awesome thing about tungsten rings is their resistance to fading and tarnishing. Even after using them for a long time, tungsten rings are able to maintain their original shine and lustre. This is unlike traditional metals, especially sterling silver that tarnish over time and will require routine polishing. 

Do tungsten rings change colour?

We have established that high quality tungsten rings do not fade or tarnish, but aside from that, tungsten rings also don’t change colour. Unlike titanium rings, which develop a blue patina and will need professional cleaning, tungsten rings retain their original colour.

Do tungsten rings rust?

Another addition to the growing list of amazing characteristics tungsten rings exhibits is their resistance to rust. Even stainless steel rings can grow rust gradually if exposed to moisture, but high-quality tungsten rings do not.

Choose only high-quality tungsten rings.

However, some tungsten rings will probably fade, tarnish, rust, and develop an unsightly patina over time.

You see, it is important to know that not every tungsten ring you see on the market is the same. There are cheaper rings (less than $50) that are made of industrial tungsten carbide. They are easier to produce, but they don’t have all the amazing characteristics a good quality tungsten carbide ring should have.

On the other hand, a high-quality tungsten ring is made of jewellery-grade tungsten carbide. This is generally more expensive and is made of tungsten carbide mixed with nickel binder. The result is a ring that is chemically inert and will not oxidise; therefore, it will not tarnish, rust, or discolour over time. 

Cheaper tungsten rings look almost the same as high-quality tungsten rings, but they are made of tungsten carbide mixed with cobalt binder. They are not chemically inert and will react with the environment, resulting in the problems mentioned above. 

How would you know if the tungsten ring you have is not jewellery-grade? First, the price is the most telling factor. Good quality tungsten rings can retail for as high as $200 to $500, and they are often sold with a lifetime warranty. If your tungsten ring has discoloured (usually a dull black), you definitely have a ring made of industrial tungsten.

Aside from those problems, wearing a tungsten carbide ring with cobalt binder may also trigger rashes and skin allergies because cobalt reacts to the oils that are present in the skin. You should absolutely avoid cheap tungsten rings. 

What about plated tungsten rings?

Plain tungsten rings made of jewellery-grade tungsten carbide are resistant to scratches, fading or tarnishing, rusting, and discolouration. But what about plated tungsten rings such as gold-plated and black-plated rings? A high-quality plated tungsten ring may fade over time, but it will take quite a bit for that to happen as long as you maintain your ring properly.

Tungsten rings are quickly becoming one of the best choices for jewellery and wedding bands mainly because of their amazing characteristics. Choose your tungsten ring correctly and make sure you buy one from a trusted and reputable retailer.