Can Tungsten Rings Be Polished?

If you have a tungsten ring and it has become dull with wear, don’t worry. Genuine tungsten rings are really easy and simple to maintain, and yours will regain its shine and lustre in no time.

But before you go ahead and read the steps required to polish your tungsten ring, first, you need to be certain that what you have is a genuine jewellery-grade tungsten ring. A high-quality tungsten ring is made of tungsten carbide and nickel binder, resulting in a piece of jewellery that is resistant to scratches, fading, tarnishing, and discolouring.

However, a low-quality industrial-grade tungsten ring uses cheap cobalt binder. A ring like this one will be prone to corrosion and tarnishing because cobalt oxidises, unlike nickel. In this case, it is better not to make an effort to clean your ring because water will only damage it further.

Now, if you think your ring has become dull and you are certain that it is genuine jewellery-grade, don’t worry. Chances are your ring did not really tarnish or discolour but has just collected dust and grime over time. After all, a tungsten ring might be resistant to scratch but it is not resistant to dirt!

How do I make my tungsten ring shiny again?

If your tungsten ring has simply gathered grime, all you need to do is soak it in a bowl filled with warm water and mild liquid soap. Avoid using harsh chemicals as they can affect the integrity of the metal of your ring. You may also choose to dip cloth into the water and soap solution and scrub your ring with the wet cloth.

If you think dirt has penetrated the grooves of your ring, use a toothbrush or cotton swab to scrub it. You may also leave the ring to soak in the water if there is still dirt left and scrub it again afterwards. After cleaning, remember to use a clean cloth to dry the ring.

How do I polish my tungsten ring?

If your ring has faded not because of dirt but because of exposure to harmful chemicals, then it will need to be polished using a few tools. These tools are safety goggles, thick leather or cotton gloves, polishing paste, a polishing machine, and a handheld rotary tool.

First, smear a little bit of the polishing paste on the ring. Next, after putting half of the ring inside a small piece of paper towel, place it inside the polishing machine. Lock it in but not too tightly. Smear some more polishing paste onto the felt pad of the rotary tool and rub it in. 

Turn on the rotary tool and rub it on the ring while applying pressure onto it for about 1 minute or so. The pad will look a little darker, which means that the tool is cutting into the surface to reveal your ring’s shine and lustre. 

Turn off the tool and apply a bit more polishing paste onto it. Repeat the step above it, then remove the ring from the machine and repeat the step with the other side that was wrapped in the piece of paper towel.

Tungsten rings are popular because they require very little maintenance on the owner’s part. However, it is helpful to know how to use and store your jewellery properly. Keep your tungsten ring away from harsh chemicals, and if ever it has been exposed, clean it right away using the steps described above.