What Are Tungsten Rings Made Of?

Tungsten carbide rings are swifty rising to be one of the most popular options for wedding bands. If you are in the market for wedding rings, understanding what exactly tungsten is and what tungsten rings are made of might help you decide intelligently.

Tungsten rings, or more aptly tungsten carbide rings, are a great and more affordable alternative to traditional rings made of precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum. What sets tungsten apart is its extreme hardness and durability. 

Tungsten is one of the hardest substances around, with only diamond outranking it on the Mohs scale. This means that your tungsten ring will not deform and is resistant to scratches. It will also not fade, tarnish, or discolour over time. Plus, because tungsten rings don’t oxidise, they don’t corrode or rust even when exposed to the elements.

In other words, you don’t have to worry a lot about your tungsten ring. It requires minimal cleaning and a very low level of maintenance. Tungsten rings are the perfect choice for people who are involved in regular physical work or strenuous activities. 

Tungsten rings might not be made of traditional precious metals, but that does not mean they are not appealing. Tungsten rings come with a beautiful finish and will retain that permanent polished look even after a long time.

How are tungsten rings made?

Tungsten carbide is created from a combination of tungsten powder, carbon, and nickel. The combination is put inside a mould to form the shape of the ring. Then, the mixture is compressed and heated to about 1400 degrees Celsius. 

Next, the ring blank, which is rough and black, will go through different steps of polishing. Due to the hardness of tungsten, instead of the traditional regular polishing machine, it requires the use of diamond polishing paste. The result is a tungsten band with a mirror-like finish.

If the ring has a part satin, brushed, or matte finish, it will undergo another finishing process involving diamond-coated wheels to scuff the surface. After this process, a high-power laser machine may be used to cut stones in the ring in preparation for gemstone setting. Grooves may also be created for setting inlays like gold, silver, stones, ceramic, and more. Finally, because engraving is also possible for tungsten rings, laser engraving may be done for inscribing messages or designs. 

Tungsten rings may be more practical and economical than traditional rings, but a good quality tungsten ring is, in no way, cheap or invaluable. It undergoes a lot of processes in order to result in a valuable piece of jewellery that you can treasure for years to come.