Is Tungsten Carbide Conductive?

There are many interesting questions that can be asked about tungsten carbide. Due to the popularity of tungsten rings, which are now one of the top choices for wedding bands and men’s jewellery, it is just understandable why people would want to know more about this metal.

Tungsten carbide rings, or simply tungsten rings, are popular because of their superior toughness and durability. A lot harder than traditional metals, tungsten rings are scratch-resistant. And because of the properties of tungsten carbide, tungsten rings also resist fading, tarnishing, rusting, and corrosion.

These qualities make tungsten rings a great choice for people who value longevity as well as low-maintenance in jewellery.

But despite its popularity, there are still many things unknown about tungsten carbide. For one, is tungsten carbide conductive?

Does tungsten carbide conduct electricity?

The short answer to this question is yes, tungsten carbide does conduct electricity. With regards to electrical conductivity, tungsten carbide is in the same range as tool steel and carbon steel. Compared to iron and nickel, tungsten conducts electricity currents quite well, and it can be used in manufacturing circuits and other electronic parts.

But do tungsten carbide rings conduct electricity?

In the industrial context, tungsten carbide can conduct electricity. However, when talking about jewellery, because it is powdered and moulded to form a ring, tungsten carbide takes the form of cemented carbide. When this happens, tungsten carbide is no longer metallic but instead becomes ceramic. Therefore, tungsten carbide rings do not conduct electricity.

Because of this, there is no reason to be concerned when wearing a tungsten ring. It is even safer than traditional rings made of precious metals because it has lower conductivity. 

It is still important to note that, for your safety, you should always opt for genuine jewellery-grade tungsten carbide rings. These high-quality rings are made with nickel binder instead of cobalt, which gives the rings their scratch-resistant and wear-resistant properties. Also, cobalt can trigger skin irritations and allergic reactions.

To be certain about the genuinity of your tungsten carbide ring, it is best to get it from a trusted and reputable seller that offers a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.