Tungsten Rings: Pros and Cons

Tungsten rings are quickly becoming one of the most popular choices for jewellery and wedding rings. But is tungsten food for a ring? Well, tungsten rings are popular not only because they are more affordable than traditional metals, like gold and silver, but also because they offer great properties like durability, hardness, and scratch-resistance.

Despite their popularity, many myths and questions continue to surround tungsten rings. If you want to if tungsten rings are good, continue reading this article and see for yourself if a tungsten ring fits your preferences and your lifestyle.

Tungsten Rings: Are they good or bad?


1. Tungsten rings are very durable.

One of the distinguishing qualities tungsten carbide rings have is their extreme durability. Tungsten is one of the hardest substances out there, with only diamond outranking it. It won’t bend, unlike other metals, and has a high melting temperature. This means that if you can be “hard” on jewellery, a tungsten ring just might be the perfect choice for you.

2. Tungsten rings don’t scratch.

Metals are often scratched by substances harder than them, and because there are only a few substances on earth harder than tungsten, it means that your tungsten ring will not scratch easily. This makes tungsten rings perfect for those whose jobs involve a lot of physical and strenuous activities, or even those who enjoy sports with a lot of physical contact. 

3. Tungsten rings are less expensive than traditional rings.

Despite the fact that tungsten is a rare metal, tungsten rings are generally less expensive than rings made of gold, silver, or brass. This means that tungsten rings are perfect for couples on a budget. However, it is important to make sure you are buying your tungsten rings from a reputable retailer that offers a lifetime resizing guarantee.

4. Tungsten rings are easy to remove.

One of the most common myths surrounding tungsten rings involves their removal in an emergency. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about removing tungsten rings in case of emergency, because it is possible and most hospitals are equipped with tools necessary for tungsten ring removal.

In fact, many experts say that tungsten rings are safer to wear than traditional rings because they break and shatter under extreme force, unlike the latter which only bend on your finger.

5. Tungsten rings can come in an array of colour.

Some couples veer away from tungsten rings because they naturally come in a grey colour, which don’t look very traditional. However, it is nice to know that tungsten rings can be plated black, white, and gold to suit your preferences.


1. Tungsten rings cannot be resized.

If there’s one thing that you cannot do with your tungsten ring, it is to have it physically resized. Because of its properties, tungsten rings will only break and shatter if applied with a physical force, unlike traditional rings that are malleable and can be re-formed.

To address this concern, what you can do is buy your tungsten ring from a reputable retailer that offers a lifetime resizing guarantee. Even if your ring cannot be resized, you can just send it to your retailer and they will send you a new one that fits your new ring size.

2. Tungsten rings can get stuck on your finger.

This is one of the real risks that can happen when you wear a tungsten ring. Although this happens rarely, it is definitely important to consider the possibility and prepare for it. For your peace of mind, again, removing a tungsten ring that is stuck on your finger is doable, and most medical facilities are equipped to do it.

3. There are a lot of cheap tungsten rings on the market.

While this may sound more like a pro than a con, the availability of cheap tungsten rings is not a good thing. These rings, priced as low as $5, are often made of cobalt, which is used in lightbulb filaments and can turn your finger brown. Real tungsten carbide rings made with nickel alloy are slightly more expensive, but they are safer to use and won’t corrode.

4. Tungsten rings might go out of fashion.

Like almost any other piece of jewellery, there will always be a slight chance that your trendy tungsten will go out of fashion in the future. If you plan on wearing your ring for a long time, you might want to consider this possibility. However, if it is not much of a concern for you, then buying a tungsten ring remains to be a good choice.

Just like any other piece of investment, shopping for a tungsten ring should be done with a lot of consideration and a good amount of research. We hope our list of tungsten ring pros and cons helps you make the right decision.