Do Tungsten Rings Break?

More people are preferring to buy tungsten rings because of their durability and hardness. Ranking between 8 and 9 on the Mohs scale, it is a lot harder than other metals like gold, silver, and platinum. Because of this quality, tungsten rings will last you a long time. 

Can you scratch a tungsten ring? Substances are scratched by another harder substance, and because, apart from diamonds, there is virtually nothing harder than tungsten, it is scratch-resistance. This makes tungsten rings a good choice for people who are involved in a lot of physical work.

Can tungsten rings bend? While rings made of gold, which are malleable, will bend, tungsten rings will not bend or deform under extreme pressure. However, there is no such thing as a perfect metal. This means that despite its good qualities, tungsten also has its shortcomings, and the truth is that tungsten rings are not unbreakable. Tungsten, in fact, is a brittle metal.

How is tungsten brittle?

Why do tungsten rings break if tungsten is hard and durable? Tungsten may be one of the hardest substances on earth, but it does not mean it is indestructible. It is actually quite the opposite. The harder the material, the more brittle it is. 

Do tungsten rings shatter and break?

Are tungsten rings breakable? Tungsten carbide rings are usually made with a combination of tungsten and carbons. However, they retain most of tungsten’s qualities, which include brittleness. This means that while it will not bend or deform under pressure, it is possible that tungsten rings shatter, break, or crack. 

A reputable retailer will never promise you that your tungsten ring is indestructible. If you bought your ring from a retailer who claims that your tungsten ring is unbreakable, return your ring right away because that claim is simply untrue. 

What should I do if my tungsten ring breaks?

Again, there is no perfect metal. Tungsten might have its own pros and cons, but so does every other metal. Your tungsten ring might chip or break if it falls from a height, but this may cause damage to a ring made of platinum or gold, too. 

Do tungsten rings break easily? Due to the hardness of tungsten, it might take more than a simple fall from a short height or accidentally hitting it against the wall to do damage to your ring. But in the event that your tungsten ring does break and shatter, it is great to know that you can have it replaced if you had bought it from a reputable seller.

When shopping for a tungsten ring, make sure that you buy it from a retailer or a manufacturer that offers a lifetime warranty, covering your ring against damage at no cost.