Why Tungsten Rings? Everything You Need to Know About Tungsten Rings

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Have you heard about tungsten rings? They are all the rage right now! Tungsten rings are a great alternative to traditional rings made of precious metal like gold, silver, and platinum. They offer couples a more affordable option when shopping for wedding rings, and despite not being made from a precious metal, tungsten rings are considered valuable.

It is not possible to mould pure tungsten as a ring. Tungsten rings are actually made of tungsten carbide, a combination of tungsten and carbon atoms. Tungsten carbide is one of the hardest substances out there, beaten only by diamond, and is the hardest metal used in jewellery. In order to be crafted into jewellery, high-quality tungsten carbide is combined with a nickel binder. The result is a highly durable piece of jewellery that you can wear for a long time.

How do tungsten rings compare against traditional rings? Let’s find out.


One of the qualities that make tungsten rings so popular, especially among men, is its strength. Though it is no longer pure tungsten, tungsten carbide retains the characteristics of pure tungsten metal. These include a high melting point and a high tensile strength. You cannot melt, bend, or deform a tungsten ring even if you tried.


Because of the strength and toughness of tungsten carbide, you can expect your tungsten ring to last you a very long time. Aside from its ability to resist bending and deforming, a tungsten ring is also resistant to scratch. This makes tungsten rings very popular among people, men especially, who are engaged in professions that require physical labour. It will be very challenging to cause damage to your tungsten ring, which makes it a perfect wedding ring.

Shine and Lustre

Don’t be fooled by the fact that tungsten rings are not made from a precious metal. Just like traditional rings, tungsten rings are shiny, lustrous, and definitely attractive. In fact, unlike traditional rings, your tungsten ring will not fade, discolour, tarnish, or corrode even when exposed to the elements. 


If you have a tungsten ring, there’s virtually nothing you need to do to maintain it. Because it resists damage, you don’t need to take your ring to be polished because it can retain its shine and lustre on its own. In the event that your ring does get dirty, you can simply wash it using warm water and a mild liquid soap.


Tungsten rings are considered safe to wear because they are mostly hypoallergenic. Though jewellery-grade tungsten rings contain nickel, the amount is too small to cause an allergic reaction. Also, the myth that tungsten rings are impossible to remove is completely false. In an emergency, hospitals and medical facilities are equipped for tungsten ring removal.


In general, you should avoid tungsten rings that are too cheap because they are likely made of industrial-grade tungsten carbide with a cobalt binder. These ones are not totally safe to wear. Instead, go for high-quality jewellery-grade tungsten rings made with a nickel binder. They will definitely command higher prices than cheap tungsten rings, but they are still a lot more affordable than traditional rings.

Tungsten rings are becoming more and more popular, and that’s for a good reason. They are considered a great alternative to traditional rings not only because they are more affordable but also because they are more practical and will last you a very long time