Why are Tungsten Rings So Cheap?

If you have been window shopping and browsing the internet for wedding ring options, there’s a high chance that you have come across tungsten rings. 

Tungsten rings, or tungsten carbide rings, are made of a tungsten carbide, which is a combination of tungsten and carbon atoms. Pure tungsten ranks 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, but when combined with carbon to form tungsten carbide, it now ranks 8-9 on the scale. With this ranking as reference, only diamond beats tungsten carbide in terms of hardness.

Tungsten rings also boast of superior durability. Unlike traditional rings made of precious metal, they are resistant to scratches and similar damages. They don’t fade, tarnish, or discolour over time. Tungsten doesn’t oxidise, too, which means tungsten rings won’t rust or corrode.

Given these excellent qualities, you might be wondering why tungsten rings are so cheap. There are different reasons that explain the affordability of tungsten rings, so keep reading!

Why are tungsten rings cheap? 

1. Tungsten is not an expensive metal.

First and foremost, tungsten rings are cheap because tungsten itself is not an expensive metal. Unlike precious metals which are rare, tungsten is almost readily found in many ores, especially in China. An ounce of premium tungsten just retails for $1!

2. It is not as expensive to manufacture tungsten rings.

Next, unlike commercial traditional rings, it is not as expensive to manufacture tungsten rings because they are usually made in Asian countries like China and South Korea. Taxes are lower in these countries, which explains the price difference. However, the quality of tungsten rings remains superb because they still undergo many factory audits and quality tests.

3. The tungsten ring market has become more competitive.

Because of the popularity of tungsten rings, the market for it has become more competitive. There are many sellers of tungsten rings, from online stores in China to jewellery shops in the country to accommodate the high demand of buyers. 

However, even though there are a lot of cheap tungsten rings sold online worldwide, it is still best to buy your tungsten ring from a reputable retailer or manufacturer. There is less risk that you’ll be given a low-quality ring, which is less durable and can even harm your skin. 

Also, reputable retailers often give their customers a lifetime guarantee for their tungsten ring. This often covers resizing and replacement in case of accidental breakage. You just have to return your old ring and they will send you a new one, free of charge!