Who Buys Tungsten Rings?

If you are in the market for wedding bands, chances are you have come across rings made of alternative metals. These are rings made of metals more affordable than traditional metals such as gold and silver. And probably one of the most popular alternative rings is the tungsten ring.

Despite their popularity, not a lot of people know about tungsten rings. Though “tungsten ring” is the more common term, the actual term for it is “tungsten carbide ring.” Pure tungsten cannot be used to form jewellery. Instead, it needs to form an alloy with about 15% of carbon and nickel to form tungsten carbide. But what is so special about tungsten rings?

Who buys tungsten rings?

1. Those who are looking to buy durable jewellery.

Tungsten, or tungsten carbide, stands out because it is the hardest and heaviest metal being used to create jewellery. Because of this, tungsten carbide rings have gained the reputation of being a lot more durable than traditional rings. You can be sure that your tungsten ring will not bend or deform under pressure.

2. Those who want long-lasting wedding bands.

Apart from durability, tungsten carbide has the ability to resist scratching, fading, tarnishing, and oxidation. This means that because you will be wearing your wedding band everyday for years to come, you can expect your tungsten ring to remain looking brand new and polished. Because of this, tungsten wedding bands are the perfect choice for people who are involved in daily physical work or strenuous activities.

3. Those who are searching for more affordable options.

Despite its great qualities, a high-quality tungsten ring is generally much more affordable than a ring made of precious metals. Of course, we don’t recommend that you go buy dirt-cheap tungsten rings online. There is a high chance that these rings are made of industrial-grade tungsten with cobalt binder, which don’t exhibit the durability of a high-quality tungsten ring. Wearing cheap rings may also cause adverse skin reactions. Instead, always make sure that you are buying a high-quality tungsten carbide ring made of jewellery-grade tungsten carbide and nickel binder. 

4. Those who want low-maintenance jewellery. 

Tungsten rings are very easy to care for! Because of tungsten’s hard and durable properties, you can be sure that your tungsten ring will remain scratch-free (unless it gets in contact with a diamond). If you think that your tungsten ring has become dirty, you can simply wash it with warm water and mild soap, or you can wipe it with a soft cloth for polishing. Very minimal maintenance is required of a tungsten ring, and you might not even need to visit a professional.

If there is one thing that tungsten rings can’t do, however, it’s to be resized. Tungsten rings are impossible to resize while they won’t bend or deform under pressure, they will break and shatter. Fortunately, if you buy a tungsten ring from a reputable retailer or manufacturer that offers a lifetime resizing guarantee, then you won’t have to worry about resizing. Simply send your old ring to your retailer and they will send you a brand new tungsten ring.