8mm Tungsten Wedding Band With Koa Wood Center Stripe

$145.00 $105.00

The 8mm Tungsten Wedding Band With Koa Wood Center Stripe is one of our most popular styles. This ring features a contrasting wood inlay stripe, seamlessly blending the style of modern and traditional rings. It has an effortless timeless elegance that any groom would be pleased to wear. Tungsten is known for its strength and durability, making this an excellent choice as a sophisticated engagement ring or wedding band. It has a polished shiny finish and is available in a full range of full and half sizes.

Tungsten Rings are a great alternative to more expensive precious metal rings. Tungsten is extremely durable and scratch proof, making this the perfect ring choice for people with active lifestyles.

Men's 8mm Ring Size

US 6.0, US 6.5, US 7.0, US 7.5, US 8.0, US 15.0, US 8.5, US 9.0, US 9.5, US 10.0, US 10.5, US 11.0, US 11.5, US 12.0, US 12.5, US 13.0, US 14.0


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