8mm Silver Brushed Finish Tungsten Ring For Men

$189.00 $79.00

Most men know their right-hand ring finger should do most of the talking when it comes to wedding bands. The left, well, that’s just for decoration, and to impress other people. But what about those few men who need a little more than simple aesthetics? If you’re looking for dependability in a time of uncertainty, then this 8mm Silver Brushed Tungsten Ring For Men is the perfect choice for you.

This 8mm brushed tungsten ring has an elegant design with simple clean lines presented as diagonal grooves.

Tungsten rings are scratch-resistant and have a very high melting point, making it ideal for men who are active and involved in their environment.

They are a fantastic choice for those seeking quality and durability in their everyday lifestyle and will never let you down.

Ring Size US:

US 7.0, US 8.0, US 9.0, US 10.0, US 11.0, US 12.0, US 13.0, US 14.0, US 15.0


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