8mm Red Grooved Mens Tungsten Wedding Band

$120.00 $84.00

Don’t settle for a less than stellar looking ring. Surprise your fiancé with this beautiful 8mm Red Grooved Mens Tungsten Wedding Band. The unique grooved design provides a comfortable fit and the men’s style is perfect for guys who want something masculine and stylish. The grooves are specially designed to provide comfort for a wide range of sizes.

This sleek ring has a black brushed matt surface with a highly polished, red smooth inner face. It’s made from tungsten carbide, which is scratchproof and extremely hard. Tungsten carbide is also chemical resistant, which means this ring won’t react with your skin and will look good for years to come. The material can also withstand the toughest conditions, making it perfect for an active guy.

Men's 8mm Ring Size

US 16.0, US 7.0, US 8.0, US 15.0, US 9.0, US 10.0, US 11.0, US 12.0, US 13.0, US 14.0


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