8mm Men’s Black Brushed Surface Inner Wood Tungsten Ring

$98.50 $82.50

This 8mm high-quality ring is made with the finest grade of black brushed tungsten carbide, which is shatterproof and scratch-resistant, making it one of the most durable and high-quality metal on the market. The surface of the ring has been polished to a brushed finish and coated with an ultra-smooth matte finish to achieve a look of classic elegance for an elegant look that will go with any outfit.

The inside of the band is made from a genuine textured smokey brown wood, giving the ring a unique appearance that will still last forever. This is a perfect choice if you are looking for something different than all of those other plain tungsten rings.

Men's 8mm Ring Size

US 7.0, US 8.0, US 9.0, US 10.0, US 11.0, US 12.0