8mm Inlaid Electroplated Silver Tungsten Wedding Band

$195.60 $129.94

An elegant & stunning men’s 8mm silver inlaid tungsten ring. This is an exquisite silver inlaid wedding band that is perfect for anyone looking for an extremely masculine ring. It is a heavyweight band with a smooth brushed-like finish. Simple, clean lines for that touch of luxury. The silver-coloured inlay adds a unique touch, showing off your individual style. The highly polished interior maximise comfort on your finger.

Made of tungsten carbide, it is scratch & wear-resistant and will not bend or lose its shine.

Our tungsten rings are made of 100% tungsten carbide; we do not use any cobalt in our alloys. Cobalt-based alloys have a reputation to wear and scratch easily. All of our rings have scratch-resistant coatings which makes them very durable for everyday wear.

Men's 8mm Ring Size

US 7.0, US 8.0, US 9.0, US 10.0, US 11.0, US 12.0