8mm Black Inlay Carbon Fiber Tungsten Ring

$159.00 $89.00

This 8mm Black Inlay Carbon Fiber Tungsten Ring is an extremely durable tungsten ring with an impressive inlay design. The black inlay of this tungsten wedding band is made from carbon fiber, which gives it a sleek and modern style that’s sure to impress. The carbon fiber and the tone finish of this tungsten wedding band are rugged, yet refined. It delivers that full-bodied elegant design in a chunky men’s wedding band.

This radiant scratch-resistant ring will retain it’s flawless complexion for years while it sits comfortably on your fingers. If you want a ring that’s strong but smooth and comfortable, this is the perfect ring for you. It’s the perfect piece of jewelry for any man to wear on their finger.

Ring Size US:

US 5.0, US 5.5, US 6.0, US 6.5, US 7.0, US 7.5, US 8.0, US 9.0, US 10.0, US 11.0, US 11.5, US 13.0


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