8mm Abalone Shell Inlay Tungsten Wedding Band

$119.00 $79.00

This 8mm Tungsten wedding band is inlaid with abalone shell and will make a great engagement ring or anniversary present. Made from tungsten carbide, this sleek design is scratch resistant and extremely durable. The band is secured to a bevelled inside comfort fit shank. This 8mm tungsten carbide wedding band is made from tungsten carbide which is scratch resistant and holds a shine that will not wear off.

Natural abalone shells are laminated to a durable Tungsten carbide substrate giving the ring an authentic jewellery look. The inlay of the abalone shell will make this ring incredibly tough and practically un-scratchable. The inside comfort fit rounded shank supports the abalone shell inlay without scratching your finger during wear.

This enticing ring will never pick-up a scratch on the tungsten and will comfortably on your finger for years to come. The use of inlay materials such as abalone shell gives this ring a unique stylish look for the right person

Tungsten rings are a popular choice of ring for a man. Tungsten is incredibly strong and durable and virtually scratchproof. It is also a more attractive alternative to white gold or platinum, being tougher and darker in colour. It does not tarnish or corrode and is a natural choice for everyday wear.

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