6mm Women’s Wood Tungsten Ring With Opal & Acacia Inlay

$125.00 $100.00

Elegant 6mm women’s tungsten ring featuring a beautiful interwoven sensuous blue Opal and Dark Brown Acacia Wood Inlay. This beauty is made of high-quality tarnish-resistant Tungsten Carbide.

The Opal is a milky white crystal that has great refractive properties. Opal can appear in many colors. Opal is one of the most colorful varieties in the mineral kingdom.

The Opal inlay combines the distinct beauty of wood in a tungsten ring, creating a unique wedding band. The wood grain of the Acacia Wood gives the ring an earthy tone, and the sheer vibe of the Opal makes the band charming. The Acacia Wood is exotic with its dark wood and brown tones and it is a part of many religious ceremonies. The Opal is used to represent friendship, faithfulness, sincerity, changeability, and serenity.

This ring is a solid Tungsten Carbide that is extremely scratch resistant. Each ring is polished to a high mirror shine and is composed of our exclusive 6mm width. Our rings are made to last a lifetime using only the finest quality materials and time-honored techniques.

Women's 6mm Ring Size

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