4mm Tungsten Wedding Band with Wood Pattern Inlay

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Diamonds have been the go-to choice for a wedding band since before history began. But many of us would prefer to set our marriage apart by using different materials and textures on both the inside and outside of the ring. 4mm Tungsten Wedding Band with Wood Pattern Inlay is a perfect option for those who want to stay traditional, but also want something different. This 4mm wide tungsten ring has a beautiful wood pattern inlay which makes it stand out from any other engagement or wedding band around.

4mm shiny white tungsten with a black wooden inlay delivering that full-bodied elegant design in a sleek men’s wedding band. This radiant scratch-resistant ring will retain it’s flawless complexion for years while it sits comfortably on your fingers.

Tungsten rings are a great option for those that want something comfortable, sturdy, and cool to wear. Unlike with gold or silver, you don’t have to worry about the ring getting bent out of shape or losing its shine. This one stays scratch-free. The maintenance-free nature of the tungsten alloy makes it a genuinely great choice for people who are rough on their jewellery.

Ring Size US:

US 4.0, US 4.5, US 5.0, US 5.5, US 6.0, US 6.5


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