Is Tungsten Heavier Than Gold?

If you are considering getting a tungsten ring, it is important to gain a good idea of what tungsten rings are as well as what they feel like. After all, since tungsten rings are incredibly long-lasting, you can expect to wear yours for a long period of time, especially if you are getting tungsten wedding bands.

You might already know that tungsten rings are the hardest pieces of jewellery that you can get. Beaten only by diamond on the Mohs scale of hardness, tungsten carbide is one of the hardest substances on earth. Because of this, tungsten rings are incredibly hard and durable. They wouldn’t bend or deform and they have a high resistance to heat.

Aside from these qualities, tungsten rings are also very low maintenance. They resist scratch, and because tungsten rings do not oxidise, they also resist fading, tarnishing, discolouring, rusting, or corrosion.

But how does a tungsten ring feel when worn?

Weight is an important factor to consider when buying jewellery, especially if you are ordering online. There are many different kinds of wedding ring metals, and they also have different weights and densities, and you should know that tungsten carbide rings are one of the heftier pieces of jewellery out there.

If you have never held one in your hand before, it will be helpful to compare a tungsten carbide ring to a traditional ring to give you a clear idea of its weight. Let’s compare it to a gold ring.

Gold and tungsten are almost identical in weight; however, the karat of a gold ring would make a difference. The weight of gold wedding rings is relative to their karat, which means a 10k ring is lighter than an 18k ring. A 10k gold ring would be lighter than a tungsten ring, but the difference is indistinguishable between the same tungsten ring and an 18k gold ring.

Both gold and tungsten rings are considerably heavier than titanium, stainless steel, and palladium rings. Just like gold, you will definitely feel the weight of a tungsten ring on your finger, but most people get used to it in no time.

If you prefer the feeling of 18k gold on your finger and don’t care much for the weightlessness of, for example, stainless steel or titanium, then a tungsten ring would be perfect for you.