Can Tungsten Rings be Resized?

Are tungsten rings resizable? The short answer is, no, tungsten rings cannot be resized.

This seems to be impractical, considering that rings that used to fit perfectly may no longer fit due to several reasons, such as weight gain or weight loss, age, or pregnancy. However, there are reasons why tungsten rings can’t be resized.

Why can’t tungsten rings be resized?

The simple reason for this is the hardness of tungsten. Tungsten carbide, which traces its roots to industrial machinery is a lot harder than many metals used for jewellery. On the Mohs scale, tungsten ranks at 9-9.5, while steel is at 4.5, platinum at 3.5, and gold is at 2.5.

Because of its hardness, tungsten cannot be altered. Once it is cast and it is altered, it would break and shatter, unlike gold, which is malleable and easily shaped with the right equipment. 

Then again, there are ways to “resize” your tungsten ring.

Tungsten rings: Can they be “resized”?

How can tungsten rings be resized? Again, tungsten rings cannot be physically resized, but it is impossible to have a tungsten ring that fits your finger even if the original does not fit anymore.

If you decide to get a tungsten ring, it is imperative that you purchase from a retailer that offers a lifetime resizing guarantee. While they will not physically resize your ring in the event that your ring size changes, they will accept your old ring and you will receive a new one at no additional or very minimal cost.

It is very important to look for this guarantee when choosing where to buy your tungsten carbide ring. Whether or not your ring size does change in the future, it is nice to know that you can avail the service if the need ever arises.

In summary, due to their hardness, it is virtually impossible to resize tungsten rings. However, by buying your ring from a reputable retailer that offers a lifetime resizing guarantee, you will have a new ring that fits your finger like a glove.